Meaning of rose tattoos

Rose is the most popular flower and have many meanings. It can be meaning of rose colours, number of rose or variety. We meet various opinions about it. It will be good for you when you choose rose tattoo and you will know what is a symbolism of rose flowers.

We present common meanings of colours below.
Red rose may have some meanings. One of the most popular of course is love. Red rose symbolise beauty and passion too. When you give to someone one red rose it can mean "I love you". This flower is a symbol of romantic feelings.
White roses are symbols of purity and innocence. Often it mean happy love and youthfulness so many women choose white roses in wedding bouquet. This flower is so beautiful.
Pink rose in many cases symbolise happiness and appreciation. Single rose express words "Thank you" and "Belive me". Light pink rose is used to convey sweetness or emotions like grace, joy good relations.
Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, romance and caring. Yellow is the colour of desire, When you give yellow rose you say by it "I care" or "Remember me".
Orange rose have meanings similar while yellow rose. Orange is the colour of enthusiasm and energy.Orange roses are symbol of pride and fascination.
Deep meanings have blue and black roses too. These colours don't actually exist in nature, roses are created by synthetic dye. Blue rose have meanings about something unattainable, it express desire too. In turn, black rose is a symbol of farewell and death. Black is a very sad colour so meanings of the black roses are associated with bad feelings.

Meaning of number of rose.
By thousands of years people belive that number of rose have deep meanings. You should know language of roses. Look at concise list of symbolic number of rose.
A single rose - only you, you are my love
2 roses - mutual love
3 roses - i love you
9 roses - together forever
11 roses - deep love
13 roses - secret admirer, fiendship
101 roses - you are my only one
1001 roses - infinite love

Rose variety meanings:
Rose with thorn - broken heart, hard love, even the most beautiful things can hurt you.
Bud of rose - youth and innocent love,
Wild rose - simplicity, freedom

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