Meaning of lily tattoos

Lilies are the spectaculars plants with decorative petals and fantastic flavour. We can see these flowers in many shapes, colours and sizes. It's a type of flowering plants growing from bulbs.
These beautiful flowers are popular on all the world, flowers can meet in nature, garden and florist's shop. These beautiful flowers have some meanings which in modern time changed a lot.

One of the common types is easter lily. It have religious symbolism and is associated with Virgin Mery. Easter lily is her attribute and symbolize hope and peace.
General meaning is feminine sexuality, but various colours can have another symbolism.

White is a symbol of innocence, modesty and purity. Often white lilies are named by virgins flowers.

Yellow, the most important meaning of lily in yellow colous is gaiety. It's a symbol of happy and positive energy.

Pink - symbolize youth and joy, dark pink lily have meaning associate with erotic love.

Orange look fantastic and symbolize excitement and passion. Orange is a popular colour of lilies, which represent tiger lily with dark spots on petals.

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